About Page

Welcome to Ignited! The Smell Good Studio. We want to help you elevate you aroma experience with the tranquility of our Non-Toxic Wax Melt Collections. These collection will not only ease any tension of your cozy spaces but also safeguard you and your loved-ones wellbeing by eliminating the harmful toxins that come with your everyday candles, spray's and incense. Embrace a cleaner way to enjoy all your favorite candles within a more mindful and safe atmosphere.

We're to provide a safe and creative way for you to enjoy your favorite aroma fragrances. But it won't stop there. Continue on this journey with us as we cultivate a brand that caters to our mental health while protecting our lungs and most importantly, Our Fur Babies!

Also! We are working towards something special! Ignited wants to ignite inspiration and good mental health through our business ventures. We have a lot in store for our beloved customers so stay tuned to our Instagram page where you can find all of our updates and cool new products!

We pride ourselves on providing scents that we all will love, scents that make us forget about all of our problems. As we start out on this new business venture, we will be providing samples for sale until we are able to pinpoint which products suit our customers best. We ask that you visit our Instagram page @THESMELLGOODSTUDIO to let us know which scents you enjoyed the most!